F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Exchange transactions

1) How long does the exchange usually take?

— The transactions involving Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Advanced Cash, WEX, EXMO, OkPay, and Payza are fulfilled in automatic mode, i.e. instantly.

— Transfers from Yandex Money to the accounts that have not been specified in any of your orders with us, are processed with a 48 hours’ delay. Further transfers to the same accounts are processed instantly.

— Payza withdrawal transactions require the approval of the Payza security service. The whole process may take from several minutes to one week.

— Orders that involve Solid Trust Pay can only be submitted by the verified Solid Trust Pay users of at least Standard Verified level. Such orders are processed with the approval of STP security service and may take from 30 minutes to 10 days.

2) Are there any limits for the transactions?

Yes, please note that we do have some limits that are defined by the status of the user.

  Guest Registered user Verified
You convert one e-currency to another
Transaction limit 3000$ 5000$ 5000$
Daily limit 10000$ 15000$ 20000$
Monthly limit

3) Is it possible that I exceed the reserve in spite of the figures given on the website?

Normally, yes. To check availability of a certain currency, press the “need more?” link that is located near the reserved amount, then fill in the form and submit it.

4) Do you offer any discount program?

Yes. You automatically opt in right after you sign up.

5) Can I cancel the transaction?

Yes, unless it has been completed. We will issue a refund, but the transaction fee will be charged (that means, you will only bear the expenses).

6) What should I do if I have submitted and paid the order but there is still no money?

1) Please note that if you are waiting for an operator-assisted transaction to be processed, it will only be completed within the operating hours, 7 a.m. till 10 p.m. UTC.

2) Refer to the question #1 on this page.

3) Read the email you received after you had submitted the request, carefully.

4) If you were making a bank transfer using your online banking system, please check if the transaction has been posted to your account. Then make sure you have followed the hyperlink to confirm the transfer.

5) Contact our operator and tell them the number of your order. We will check its status and do whatever is possible.

7) What should I do if I have already paid my order but its status is still “pending customer payment”?

It may happen if there are some delays caused by the payment system. Please allow 5 minutes then reload the page. If there are no changes, contact our support team.

8) What should I do if the status of my order changed into “deleted” as I was paying it?

Contact our operator and tell them the number of your order. We will recover it.

2. Dashboard

1) What features are available to the registered users?

After you sign up, you will get access to:

— new e-currency exchange directions;

— our discount program;

— transactions with higher limits;

— our Affiliate Program that may be highly profitable for you.

2) What is the user status?

The user status defines you limits and the availability of a certain exchange direction. The user status is updated by the administration of the service. The first time you get a new status is when you sign up, then you can update it by completing the verification process.

3) Why is it important to get verified?

The successful verification lifts up your limits and gives you the access to the revocable transactions that are supported by some payment systems. Besides that, verified users usually enjoy eliminated hold time for some directions, as compared to non-verified ones.

3. Affiliate program

1) Do you offer any affiliate program?


2) How can I opt in?

To participate in our Affiliate Program, you should register at our website and go to the “Affiliate Program” section of your Dashboard. Once you accept the rules given there, you specify the currency of your affiliate rewards and your account number. Then you will be given access to the affiliate dashboard with statistics, media kit, and the export files for monitoring purposes.

3) What does the amount of the affiliate reward depend on?

The percentage of your reward depends on the number of the users that first came to our website through your affiliate link and then made an exchange transaction.

4) Is it possible that I offer a special model of cooperation?

Sure. Contact our support team to discuss it.

4. Miscellaneous

1) I’ve found a bug/mistake etc. What should I do?

Please inform us. Thank you for your cooperation.

2) I have an idea/suggestion. How can I share it?

It will be great if you contact the support team. Thank you.

3) Do you participate in any projects? Are you affiliated with any payment system?

We are an independent company not affiliated with any payment system. We only specialize in buying/selling/exchanging various electronic currencies. We do not participate in any projects.

4) The website is displayed incorrectly. What to do?

Try reloading the web page or clear the browser cache. If this does not help, use a different browser.